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10 Times Phil Lester Is Too Beautiful To Handle

Everyone loves AmazingPhil. It's a well-known fact. He's cute, he's funny, he's amazing.

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2. His obsession with waffles is just the cutest.

Instagram: @amazingphil

3. When he learnt how to use chopsticks with Duncan and Mimei in Japan.

Instagram: @amazingphil

4. That classic peace sign, but it's literally the cutest, tbh.

Oh, hey, that's Dan, Phil's best friend.

6. I know a lot of guys, but none of them can be as cute as Phil in this picture. Srsly, look at him.

Instagram: @amazingphil

8. I don't know, I can't handle this. Hotness x2.

Instagram: @danisnotonfire

9. Too much beauty.

Instagram: @danisnotonfire

+ Cherry blossom!

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