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Ramadan Is More Than Just A Pillar

In depth of the holy month.

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Basic information

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the observances of worshiping Allah. During the month of Ramadan, the entire Muslim nation of almost two billion people fast all together for a whole month; abstaining from eating, drinking, and having any intimate relations during the daylight hours.

What is the real spirit of Ramadan?

Fasting means abstaining from food voluntarily as an observance of a holy day. This practice is present in most of the major religions in the world such as Judaism and Christianity as an expatiation of sins. In Islam it is primarily performed to bring one closer to Allah since being conscious of Allah's existence is the prerequisite for righteousness.

Benefits of fasting Ramadan

1. Training of the spirit to control wanted desires

2. Controlling negative emotions like anger

3. Overcoming greed

4. Stopping hatred

5. Providing a sense of tranquility in the heart and mind

The effect of fasting on human body

It has been proved that fasting, not only has spiritual benefits, but physical ones. Scientists have discovered that when the body is exposed to fasting for a long period of time, at least eight hours per day for successive days, this process will provoke a very positive effect to store energy. This process is called "Autophagy".

Fasting strengthens our immune system. Clinical research has shown that if one goes without food for two to three days for six months, this fasting triggers the body to get rid of any broken cells and regenerate new healthy ones. Fasting does good things for the brain and for the body. It reduces inflammation and stress. Fasting is a challenge for the brain. The brain responds by activating adaptive stress response methods which help the brain cope with stress and diseases. When you starve, the system tries to save energy. One of the ways to save energy is to recycle the immune cells that are not needed. Therefore, what is good for our spiritual health has turned out to be good for our physical health as well.


Don't you think it is amazing that Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, described fasting 1400 years ago, as a method of keeping the body healthy, a fact that was only clearly and thoroughly explained by science 1400 years later?!

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