15 Reasons Why We Love Paul Rudd

Oh Paul Rudd, him and all his Ruddishness. But what makes Paul Rudd so Ruddishley Ruddish?

1. 1. We’re all hypnotized by those forget-me-not green eyes.

2. 2. His Ruddish charm will promise you the universe!

3. 3. He’s not afraid to explore his feminine side.

4. 4. He’s a man who can express himself!

5. 5. Oh and he’s smoldering!

6. 6. He’s sassy!

7. 7. And my GOD, does he look good in a suit!

8. 8. He’s also quite the virtuoso, he’ll have you know.

9. 9. His proverbial wisdom will always ring true - even if it doesn’t make any sense.

10. 10. He is the epitome of Tomfoolery.

11. 11. He pulls off this Victorian Gentleman/ Pirate ensemble very well.

12. 12. He’s the only man on God’s earth, who actually looks good in lederhosen!

13. 13. Nothing annoying this man does can irritate you! You somehow just end up loving him more!

14. 14. Because this is all you see.

15. 15. Paul Rudd is just awesome, we all know it, even he knows it!

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