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    This Plus-Size Trainer Has Genuinely Helpful Advice For Starting To Work Out

    Advice and motivation from a plus-size athlete and trainer.

    Plus-size athlete and trainer Louise Green wants to empower other plus-size women to work out — not necessarily to lose weight, but because exercise is great for your health and makes you feel like a badass.

    1. Think of yourself as the CEO of your body.

    2. You're going to want a trainer, tribe, and team.

    3. So don't be afraid to ask a lot of specific questions.

    4. Be ready to invest real time working on your relationship with food.

    5. Think of weight loss as a by-product of healthier habits, not a main goal.

    6. Track your progress — but not with a scale.

    7. Get a legit sports bra, pants with compression and a drawstring, and proper sneakers.

    8. Surround yourself with hardcore body positivity.

    9. And do whatever TF workout you want to do.