25 Workout Moves Fit People Love To Do

    It's not all burpees and planks. OK, it's some burpees and planks. But a bunch of other amazing stuff, too.

    Quick heads up: These GIFs and videos aren't meant for instructional purposes, just motivation! If you want to try a new move or workout, you should get an all-clear from your doctor, and work with a certified trainer to make sure you're doing it right and won't hurt yourself.

    1. Jumping lunges

    2. Turkish get-up

    3. Zombie press to handstand

    4. Split snatch

    5. Box jumps

    6. High knees

    "My favorite movement would have to be the high knee drills. I've been known to run with my knees very high so doing high knee drills helps with that." — Carmelita Jeter, Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter

    7. Incline barbell bench press

    "We enjoy practicing the inline barbell bench press in our regular workout routine because it is a total upper-body exercise. It is also a great way to measure our progress. This exercise is designed to help you achieve your goals of gaining a muscular physique, leaner chest, or stronger chest." — Hodge Twins, hosts of Twin Muscle Workout

    8. Brazilian jiujitsu warm-up

    9. Bakasana (Crow Pose)

    10. Utthita Balasana (Extended Child’s Pose) into Sphinx Pose

    11. Barbell hip thrusts

    12. Front squat

    13. Transversus Abdominis Strengthener (to relieve the low back)

    "I love doing this move at the start of a long day of teaching and being on my feet because I have a sensitive low back. Strengthening my deep core muscles in this simple and repeatable way relieves discomfort and occasional pain in my lumbar spine that can arise from the stress of repetitive movements." — Crystal McCreary, vinyasa yoga instructor at Harlem Yoga Studio and in NYC public schools.

    14. Stair sprints and stair hops

    "Running stairs is one of our [Rugged Maniac's] favorite workouts, and an essential movement for any athlete training for an upcoming race, sports season, or looking to improve their overall health and fitness. Stairs are an awesome way to increase your speed, power, and stability all while increasing your overall stamina. The best part is that not only are stairs free and require no equipment, but your workout can be easily adjusted depending on your fitness ability!" — Ben Gould, Social Media Coordinator, Rugged Maniac

    15. Burpee with a squat and a push-up

    "This compound exercise attacks the upper and lower body simultaneously. It delivers cardiovascular conditioning and high caloric burn while toning more than one area of your body." — Anowa Adjah, owner and CEO of Powerhouse Physiques, LLC.

    16. Old-school hop 1, 2, 3

    17. Clean and jerk

    18. Bosu ball plank jump front arm raise with push-up

    19. Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

    "If I could only teach you one yoga move, it would be Warrior 3 — Virabhadrasana III. This pose is great for building strength. It really works the whole lower body, the core, the arms, the shoulders. It's also asymmetrical so it challenges your balance and your proprioception (your sense of where your body is in space.)" — Amber Karnes, founder of Body Positive Yoga.

    20. Bandana sit-ups

    21. V-step with jack

    22. Negative pull-up

    "My first love is burpees but my second love is pull-ups. I love negative pull-ups because they are great for building the strength to do a full pull-up for those who are working towards that or better pull-ups if you can already do one." — Shauna Harrison, Under Armour® Trainer in the Bay area (Barry's Bootcamp, Dethrone Basecamp, and Xplore Yoga)

    23. Double leg stretch

    24. Plank with shoulder tap

    25. Supported headstand

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