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    18 Ways Crossfit Will Actually Change Your Life

    Functional fitness is bae.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how CrossFit has changed their lives. Here's what they said:

    1. It makes you actually want to work out.

    2. It turns you into a weightlifter.

    3. It's more interesting than the same old gym routine.

    im-gonna-get-heuge / Via

    It has given me a fun and alternative routine [as] opposed to the normal gym with machines and free weights. I can lift more weight than I ever thought I would, flexibility/mobility has increased and I gained 10 lbs. but I have defined muscles, flat abs, and less body fat. — ennireyes2

    4. Your body actually feels healthier.

    5. You fall in love with crushing tough workouts.

    6. Shared suffering brings people together.

    7. You realize it's boss to be strong AF.

    CBS / Via

    I love seeing the things my body is capable of doing and seeing the changes in my physique. CrossFit made me understand that there's no link between muscularity and femininity. I feel strong, I feel empowered, and I feel like I can take on anything.shinelannb

    8. You learn things about your body and movement that you never knew.

    9. You say goodbye to low self-esteem.

    10. You feel like a freaking superhero.

    11. You can't be bothered to obsess about the scale anymore.

    Sally Tamarkin / Via

    I used to feel satisfied when I saw numbers dropping on the scale, but now I feel unimaginable accomplishment when a WOD leaves me flat on my ass, and the only numbers I'm concerned with are the ones that I'm eyeing up on that bar before I clean it. CrossFit has taught me that my strong hips and thighs are perfect for squatting, and that strong is beautiful.rachelg46912fa87

    12. Your workout buddies become your best friends.

    13. You find yourself actually wanting to work harder in a workout.

    14. It leaves you feeling invincible.

    15. You get as tough mentally as you do physically.

    16. It makes you want to crush — and congratulate — your opponents.

    17. Your swagger levels rise.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    CrossFit makes me feel strong and confident. — Avery Koch, Facebook

    18. It focuses you on the workout, not the calorie-counting.

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    Note: Answers have been edited and condensed for length.

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