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Why You Should Definitely Start Grunting While You Work Out


There are two kinds of people in this world.

The ones whose heavy, noisy breathing lets you know they're crushing a tough workout.

And those who keep quiet, their excitement and effort all bottled up inside.

Despite being the official soundtrack to #beastmode, grunting is so controversial that some gyms ask you to refrain.

Because gyms are a place of quiet reflection?

Or maybe because it's associated with other undesirable behaviors...

...that are kinda show-offy.

But what if grunting actually makes your workout better?

Take the small 2015 study that concluded that grunting increased broad jump distance, or the 2014 study that found that tennis players' velocity, force, and peak muscle activity were enhanced when they were allowed to grunt while striking the ball.

Or how about the anecdotal evidence that shouting actually helps move the weight?

It's obviously working for Venus and Serena Williams:

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They've been mocked for their loud vocalizations on the court but then again they've grunted their way to 26 Grand Slam Titles and eight Olympic gold medals.

Trainer Jessi Kneeland of ReModel Fitness says that grunting can be an involuntary byproduct of going HAM:

She told BuzzFeed Life via email: "I believe letting yourself... breathe however forcefully you have to and making whatever sounds you have to in order to lift heavy is all worth it."