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    9 Calorie-Burning Cardio Exercises For Anyone Who Hates Running

    Because why run when you can not?

    So, you want to do a cardio workout but you don't want to go running.

    Here's how to make your own cardio workout from the following moves:

    1. Choose 4-5 exercises from the list.

    2. Do the first exercise for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds, then move to the next one.

    3. Once you've gotten through 4-5 exercises, that's one round. Complete the circuit for 3-5 rounds total, resting a minute between rounds.

    Here's one example to get you started:

    Do 3-5 rounds of this circuit:

    A. Squat jumps: 45 sec.

    Rest: 15 sec.

    B. Modified burpees: 45 sec.

    Rest: 15 sec.

    C. Mountain climber crossovers: 45 sec.

    Rest: 15 sec.

    D. Alternating toe touches: 45 sec.

    Rest: 15 sec.

    READY?! Here are the calorie-burning moves:

    1. Squat jumps

    2. Mountain climber crossovers

    3. Lunge with knee drive

    4. Modified burpee

    5. Alternating toe touches

    6. Skaters

    7. Traveling high knees

    8. Plank jacks

    9. Star jumps

    Have fun not running!

    Special thanks to fitness expert Albert Matheny of Soho Strength Lab and Promix Nutrition for directing this photoshoot.