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Tell Us The Best Advice You've Ever Gotten About Getting in Shape

We want to know what friends, family, coaches, trainers, or fit-AF-people you know (or look up to!) have told you about getting healthier.

If you've ever mentioned wanting to get in shape, chances are someone has helped you along the way.

Like, someone (or someones) you know has shared their experiences and what they've learned over time about getting healthier. This someone might be a person in your life, or maybe it's an author or athlete or trainer you follow on Instagram.

Or a social media account that has helpful, inspiring health and fitness content.

Maybe they've given you ideas for ways you can eat more healthily.

Or showed you exercises to do that you'd never thought of.

Btw, never do the above.

Maybe they've helped you separate fact from fiction.

Or shared awesome ways to stay positive even when your motivation starts to flag.

Tell us: What's the best advice you've gotten about getting in shape?

Whether it's the super specific and concrete stuff like healthier recipes or better workouts or the mental toughness tips that helped you stay motivated or the tiny hacks that just made things easier, we want to know.

Tell us in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.

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