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What's The Best Mental Health Tip You've Ever Gotten?

Amazing self-care idea? Relationship tip? Great strategy for dealing with anxiety? Tell us all about how you do mental health.

Mental health advice is everywhere. From self-help books...

...To inspiring online stuff.

And even tea bags.

And even though it's great to have so much mental health inspiration around, it's not easy to know which advice might really work.

So we want to know the best mental health tip that actually works for you.

Tell us: What's the best mental health advice that you've put to the test and has really, genuinely helped you?

Whether its a tip about managing anxiety, dealing with depression, opening up to others, learning how to make or respect boundaries, practicing self-care, or anything else, it's that tried-and-true stuff that can really help people.

Tell us where it came from, too — a book, a therapist, your wise best friend, your grandma who always seems to know everything, etc.

Share your advice in the comments below and it may be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.

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