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    18 Reasons You Should Avoid Lifting Weights At All Costs

    It's great for your health and body goals and makes you feel like a superhero. SO AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS.

    1. Because who actually cares about having less body fat? / Via Instagram: @crossfitsouthbrooklyn

    Reducing body fat for aesthetic or health reasons with lifting? PASS.

    2. Also, what is the big deal about burning calories faster?

    3. And nobody wants a workout that's quick AND effective. / Via Instagram: @hector.gonzalez_cf

    You know you'd rather just spend hours on a treadmill thankyouverymuch.

    4. What's so great about workouts that can be done with tons of different types of equipment? / Via Instagram: @dina_biornstad

    Nothing, that's what.

    5. Muscles? On women? WHO NEEDS THAT? / Via Instagram: @camillelbaz

    Body composition results you can mostly control? Yuck!

    6. And we can all admit that workouts that are beginner-friendly are 😢.

    Instagram: @ineffablestrength / Via Instagram: @jessicajayne_yuh

    Why do an accessible, beginner-friendly dumbbell workout that walks you through every movement when you can stick with something that totally intimidates you?

    7. And let's not forget about how much it sucks to be able to lug your own groceries, suitcases, etc. / Via Instagram: @lovelyladyv12

    Asking for help with your carry-on FTW!

    8. Being able to exercise outside of the gym STINKS. / Via Instagram: @lorraine_commitfit

    Fact: Fresh air and sunshine are terrible for fitness.

    9. And feeling confident is so BLAH.

    10. And less stressed? Hard pass.

    11. Ditto having higher self-esteem.

    12. Working out with friends is the pits.

    13. And what's the BFD about having fun while you exercise? / Via Instagram: @2baby_cakes

    Sounds overrated.

    14. No one wants a workout they can do WITHOUT LEAVING THE HOUSE. / Via Instagram: @jessicas_road_to_fitness

    Exercise in the comfort of my own home? No thank you.

    15. Just say NOPE to feeling less stiff and tight.

    16. Bottom line: Feeling like a boss is the literal worst.

    17. And it's NOT badass.

    18. So, just keep your distance when it comes to weightlifting. SERIOUSLY.

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