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What Was The Best Advice You've Ever Gotten About Money?

Tell us how to save it, spend, it, invest it, literally anything we should be doing with it.

Money is confusing. Earning enough to live on can be elusive. Saving it is tough. Also: Why do some people seem to be really great at dealing with it?

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We want to spread some of that money wisdom around. So, tell us, what's the best and most useful money tip you've ever gotten?

Maybe someone gave you stellar advice about negotiating wages.

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Maybe you've found a way to stay on top of the best deals and discounts.

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Maybe someone or some resource finally helped you understand all the different ways there are to invest.

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Or maybe you've learned some things to not do.

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So, tell us: What's the best advice about money (saving, spending, increasing, stretching, etc.) that you've ever gotten?

Submit your tip through the dropbox below and we might feature it in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health article. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!