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What Do Queer People Wish They Knew About Sex Before They Had It?

Because you usually have to learn by doing.

When you first start having sex, it can be...awkward.

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It might be especially mysterious for anyone who's having sex that's not considered ~mainstream~ and therefore not often seen or talked about in movies and TV.


For better or worse, movies and TV are where a lot of folks see and learn about sex. But when you're LGBTQ-identified, lots of times you learn by ~doing.~

What do you wish someone would have told you about having sex for the first time? / Via

(Now that you're a pro.)

Because honestly it's not always obvious.

And advice from someone who's experienced might just go a long way.

Maybe you discovered that the perfect toy is a game changer.

Or that every body is different when it comes to orgasms.

Lion Towers / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lion_towers / Via Flickr: lion_towers

Fun fact: Your parts may look similar to your partner's and that isn't automagically an advantage.

Or that your sexual orientation doesn't mean you can't also be versatile.

So tell us… What advice would you give your younger self about queer sex?

Think back to when queer sex was intimidating or inaccessible or just a freaking mystery. Was there something you learned that made it all make sense, or that made sex more enjoyable? A sex tip that never gets old? Basically, what are your best queer sex tips that you would pass on to the next generation?

And btw, we want to hear from people of all gender identities and experiences, as well as all queer sexualities.

Tell us in the comments and it might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.

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