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What Made You Get Really Into Exercise This Year?

Give us your best advice because honestly we need it.

Working out is great for your health. And it can feel great. But it can also be wicked boring.

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And hard. And impossible to find the motivation for. Or the time.

That's why we want to know what made you start to actually like exercising.

Maybe you finally discovered the one activity you look forward to.

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Sure, it might not be what people traditionally consider a workout per se, but your ballroom dance class really gets you moving.

Maybe you've found that a particular kind of exercise is amazing for your mental health, and that's why you keep doing it.

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Anything that lowers stress is worth doing all the time!

Maybe you found a mental trick that keeps you motivated.

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Like a motivating phrase you repeat to yourself or a social media feed of someone who inspires you that you check when you're not feeling super into the idea of working out.

Maybe you just cracked the code to how you time your workouts and that made all the difference.

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Like, dragging yourself out of bed for a morning workout = the worst. But that lunchtime workout fits right into your day and β€” bonus! β€” helps stave off that 3 p.m. energy dip.

So, tell us: What's made you start to actually like exercising?

We want to hear your advice, tips, hacks, and work-arounds! Use the comments below to tell us all about it.