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How Do You Take Care Of Yourself After A Migraine?

Tell us how you deal with the physical and emotional fallout of the hell that is a migraine.

Fact: Migraines can be life ruiners.

The pain, the stomach upset, the light sensitivity...the list of terrors associated with migraines is long.

Like if you get them, especially on the regular, you might've asked yourself what you've done to deserve this or "Am I being tested?"

Sometimes they're so bad or last for so long that once they're over you don't just feel exhausted, achy, and nauseated.

You might also feel sad, frustrated, disoriented, or depressed.

So tell us: How do you take care of yourself after a migraine?

We want to know how you:

- deal with lingering headaches or nausea or fatigue

- tend to any sadness or depression post-migraine

- get back to your routine (work, exercise, socializing, whatever)

- what foods you avoid or treat yourself to

- anything else that helps you cope with getting through a migraine physically, emotionally, or otherwise

Tell us in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.

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