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What Is The One Thing You Want To Hear From Straight Allies After Orlando?

Tell us what amazing things people have said to you and what you'd wish they'd say.

When a gunman murdered 49 people at an LBGTQ nightclub early on Sunday morning, everyone was shocked and horrified.

LGBTQ-identified people have been talking about feeling scared, sad, and vulnerable.

And also about resilience and solidarity.

And what it means that a place of safety and sanctuary was violated.

And non-queer people are shocked and sad, too. But they might not know exactly what to say to express their care and concern for the queer people in their lives.

So, we want to know what you want to hear from your straight friends and loved ones.

Maybe you want them to just drop you a text that's like "Hey, I'm thinking about you and I'm here if you want to talk."

Maybe it would be great if a co-worker offered to take something off your plate, a friend offered to bring over some food, or your boss let you know it's OK to take some time to yourself during the day.

Or maybe you want straight allies to ask you about your experience being queer, what it's like to be out or not be out, how you feel in public, etc.

So tell us: What do you wish allies would say to you — IRL, via text or chat, email, whatever — as we all process what happened in Orlando?

And also, if you have amazing non-queer friends and loved ones who have said and done super thoughtful and meaningful things, tell us those, too!

Drop it in the comments and your story might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!