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    Posted on Jul 26, 2016

    Here's How This OITNB Star Stays In Shape And Actually Likes It

    Here's what Vicky Jeudy has to say about Haitian codfish patties, working out twice a day, and more.

    This is actor and fitness enthusiast Vicky Jeudy.

    You might know her as Janae Watson from Orange is the New Black.

    Netflix / Via

    Janae is a former high school track star who's in prison for armed robbery.

    Because Jeudy's character is a former athlete, her scenes sometimes require exercise, like burpees. For multiple takes. With dialogue.


    Or running pretty fast while looking relaxed and like she actually enjoys it.


    BuzzFeed Health wanted to know how Jeudy lives her life, because we'd like to run while smiling, too.

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    And we also want to know how someone fits fitness into a life with a super busy and tiring work schedule. Here's what she told us:

    For someone whose job it is to play an athlete on a TV show, Jeudy is refreshingly relaxed about working out.

    Tre Thomas

    Maybe that's because she actually genuinely likes exercise, which has been a part of Jeudy's life ever since she first tried a group fitness class at age 16 and fell in love with working out. "I was one of those annoying people" who would get to class early to pick out their favorite spot, she told BuzzFeed.

    "I fit fitness in when I can," she said, which means that on days she's shooting OITNB and is out of the house at 4 a.m. and not back till 9 or 10 p.m., a workout simply isn't going to happen. But on her days off she runs, rides her bike in Central Park, or does a group fitness class at her gym.

    Also, she loves Zumba (and really any workout with dancing).

    Instagram: @ / Via

    "A lot of people frown on Zumba, they say it's not a real workout... If I'm in a Zumba class, it’s like I’m in a video for Britney or Beyonce. I'm doing whatever I need to do. It's a great cardio workout."

    And when she has a race coming up she might just work out twice in one day.

    Marcus Lloyd
    Marcus Lloyd

    At the moment Jeudy is training to run a 5K to raise money for humanitarian relief in Haiti (where Jeudy's parents are from), so she squeezes in a second workout. That extra workout is usually high-intensity intervals with bodyweight moves like dips, lunges, and high knees, like what she's doing above with her friend Quincy Chad a.k.a. OITNB's resident hot contractor, Leon McDonald.

    She is not here for rigid meal plans or doing popular diets just because other people claim they're the best.

    Tre Thomas

    When it comes to nutrition, "It's all about finding what works for you, rather than following all these different meal plans," she said.

    Jeudy has tried diets and meal plans she found online — like the high-protein diets that fitness competitors eat — but gave all that up when they made her bloated and cranky.

    That committed-but-not-stressed approach that she has about exercise? She brings that to the way she eats, too.

    Marcus Lloyd

    Sure, she eats to support her fitness goals, but her overall aim is to keep it pretty simple, convenient, and delicious. She loves a good stir fry — one of those deals where you throw in a bunch of vegetables (frozen if she's short on time), coconut oil, seasonings, and maybe some quinoa or rice. She also loves green smoothies (sometimes with added protein if she needs a heartier snack), and snacks on fruit, nuts, hummus, and pretzels. When she's working, she tries to stick more or less to balanced meals of whole foods. "On set we do have healthy meals, so the other day I decided to have a large salad, quinoa, and steamed fish," she said.

    And also a late brunch-turned-into-dinner (like the one pictured above at Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel) with friends is a weekend must.

    And she's got a soft spot for pizza and Haitian patties.

    Specifically she loves cheese pizza (but light on the cheese; too much dairy makes her break out) from Waldy's in Manhattan, and the codfish patties from the Haitian bakery in her neighborhood in Queens.

    Not everyone can make green smoothies and twice-a-day workouts look fun. So, thank you, Vicky Jeudy.

    Tre Thomas

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