20 Tips That Will Actually Help You Start Running

    (And people who aspire to be runners.)

    If you've ever kinda thought about maybe trying out running, you totally should go for it.

    1. Have realistic expectations for your first few weeks of running.

    2. Get fitted for sneakers at a speciality shop.

    3. And then buy last year's version of those sneakers to save some coin.

    4. Use a Couch to 5K app that eases you into running.

    5. Do lots of walking, especially in the very beginning.

    6. Track every run so you can see your progress and make notes about your workouts.

    7. Get moisture-wicking underwear.

    Lots of apparel comes in quick-dry and moisture-wicking varieties, but there's one place that's way more uncomfortable when it's mega swampy: your undercarriage. So, if you're choosing where to invest, get a few pairs of quick-dry undies and you'll be cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and less likely to chafe year round.

    8. Also get good (non-cotton) socks.

    9. Make sure your pre- and post-run snacks or meals make you feel great.

    10. Don't stretch before you run.

    11. But definitely get loose with a dynamic warm-up.

    12. Think of days off as part of your training.

    13. Honestly just slow down and run at a pace that legit feels comfortable.

    14. Have a mantra that keeps you focused and relaxed.

    15. Do a little bit of strength training.

    16. Don't even worry about pace or mileage. Just focus on consistency.

    17. Music is aces, but consider listening to a podcast or audiobook.

    18. If you're one of those people who's always forgetting to drink water, use an app to track your water intake and remind you to drink up.

    19. For extra motivation (and potential for seriously high-quality selfies), time your runs to sunset when the light is amazing.

    20. Sign up for a fun race and think of it as a celebration of your progress.