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    15 Surprising Insider Secrets From Personal Trainers

    They don't all yell at you till you're in a sweaty heap.

    BuzzFeed Health spoke with three personal trainers who all work one-on-one with clients: Kelvin Gary, owner of Body Space Fitness, Jason Tran, personal trainer and instructor at SWERVE Fitness, and Lauren Williams, head coach at Tone House. Here's what they really want you to know about personal training:

    1. Their job isn't to get you major results in a super short period of time.

    2. They struggle with workout motivation, too.

    3. They're probably going to ask about your diet.

    4. But they won't judge you for whatever you ate and drank last weekend (though they will hold you accountable).

    5. When it comes to weight loss, losing about a pound a week is actually considered really good progress for most people.

    6. Contrary to popular belief, they are not making you do stuff you hate just to torture you.

    7. Most of the work they do for clients happens outside of training sessions.

    8. And most of your results will come from what you do outside of your sessions.

    9. Whether or not a trainer looks shredded has nothing to do with how skilled they are.

    10. Not all trainers are all about that "go hard or go home" mentality.

    11. And yelling at clients isn't actually a go-to motivational tool.

    12. You don't have to be 100% injury-free to work with a trainer.

    13. You don't need to have an aesthetic goal to hire a trainer.

    14. They can also help you get over your intimidation about working out.

    15. And as much as they love training you, they get super excited when you're able to take the reins.