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Here Are The Only 15 Exercises You Need To Get In Shape Anywhere

Get ready to learn the building blocks of any effective workout. No gym necessary.

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BuzzFeed Life asked certified strength and conditioning specialist Rob Sulaver, founder of Bandana Training, to come up with 15 essential bodyweight moves for anyone who wants to exercise anywhere, anytime. Check them out below.

After you’ve mastered the moves, check out these quick bodyweight workouts. You can also do them as part of BuzzFeed's 28-day Get Fit Challenge!

1. Good Morning

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• Hinge at the hips and push your hips back as you bend over.

• Keep your back straight throughout the movement.

• Bend until you feel a mild stretch in your hamstrings.


2. Bent-Over W

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• Pull your shoulder blades in and down and keep them in that position throughout the movement.

• Imagine you're placing your thumbs on the wall behind you as you lift your arms to shoulder height.

• Keep your back flat (not rounded) throughout the whole movement.

3. Bent-Over Y

John Gara / BuzzFeed

• Pull your shoulder blades in and down and keep them in that position throughout the movement.

• Keep your arms straight and your back flat (not rounded) throughout the movement.

4. Bird Dog

• Keep your core tight throughout the movement.

• Keep your back and neck in a straight line through your heels.

• Don't rotate at the torso.

• Your knee can brush the floor when you come back in, but don't come to a full stop.


9. Chair Dip

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• Use your arms to lower down and push up; don't use your legs for momentum.

• Your body should just clear the chair throughout the movement.

• Try not to let your elbows flare out to the side.


10. Push-up

• Place your hands under your shoulders.

• Your body should make a straight line from the back of your head to your heels (or to back of your calves if you're doing a modified push-up from your knees).

• Don't let your butt sag or tilt up.

• Keep your elbows 45º to the midline of your body (they shouldn't flare out to the sides).

13. Squat

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• Keep your feet between shoulder- and hip-width apart.

• Turn your toes out as needed.

• Keep your chest tall.

• Squat as deeply as your flexibility allows, making sure your knees track over your toes.


15. Alternating Straight Leg Raise

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• Keep your abs engaged throughout the movement.

• Keep your lower back flat on the floor.

• Lift your shoulders off the ground.

• Place your hands under your butt if you need to support your pelvis.

And here's a video demo of all the moves:

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