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Tell Us Your Body-Shaming Clapback Stories

Share your best comebacks and retorts, whether they're IRL or online.

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There are just so many things to be shamed for nowadays, like your body's size, shape, skin color, or how much skin you're showing or not showing; your clothes; your hair texture, style, or length...the list goes on.

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But since it's an unfortunate reality, sometimes it just feels so damn good when you have the perfect response.

And for as many ways as there are to tear someone down for the way they look, there are just as many ways to shut body-shaming down.

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Not that we should have to do that, of course. But sometimes it just feels so damn good when you have the perfect response.

We want to know about a time you shut down shaming — IRL or on social media — with a clever comeback or argument.

Maybe you penned a few lines to let it be known that you're too busy and badass to worry about haters.

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Or maybe you calmly and collectedly addressed people's comments to help them understand how judgmental and presumptuous they were being.

Like this woman did.
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Like this woman did.

Or perhaps you took on shaming generally, as opposed to one specific shamer.

Maybe you shut someone down on behalf of another person.

Or maybe you replied by simply reaffirming how awesome you know you are.

We want to know what you did to shut down not just shamers, but shaming in general.

We want to know what you said, tweeted, or posted to respond to shaming. The more detail the better — set the scene for us!

So tell us your epic body-shaming clapbacks in the dropbox below.

Your story could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.

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