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Posted on Sep 30, 2016

What Should First Time Marathoners Know Before They Race?

Running 26.2 miles is so badass. Tell us all your best tips and advice.

If you've ever finished a marathon, first of all, you're amazing. Second of all, we want to know how you did it.

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You've undoubtedly learned some valuable tips and tricks if you've finished a full marathon!

Maybe you have a favorite product that is a total lifesaver.

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Like amazing headphones or something that saved your feet from blisters, or an awesome thingy that holds your phone, gels, cash, etc. Or an app that you used for training or during the race itself.

Or you followed a training plan that you're convinced is what got you to cross the finish line.

Maybe you learned something about race prep or recovery the hard way.

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Like that the morning of the race wasn't the best time to experiment with a brand new breakfast routine. Or that tapering down your mileage does actually make a huge difference.

Or you have a foolproof way of staying motivated while logging all those training miles.

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Like a killer mantra, or running with a training buddy, or documenting your runs on social media to hold you accountable.

Tell us: What are your best tips for first-time marathoners?

Whether you're a multiple marathon finisher or a newbie who just finished your first one, we want to know what you learned along the way, especially if it was something unexpected. And also let us know how you learned it was crucial to your marathon experience.

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