16 Simple Ways To Be More Productive And Actually Get Shit Done

    Without giving up fun stuff like chatting, social media, and your will to live.

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    Fun fact: No one is 100% flawlessly productive all the time.

    1. Determine which parts of your schedule you can actually take control of.

    2. Use the morning for any work that requires deep focus.

    3. If you just can't think hard in the morning, start your day by knocking one thing off your to-do list.

    4. You can also use the afternoon for work that energizes you.

    5. If at all possible, don't start your day by dealing with email.

    6. Keep your social media and chat apps on a separate screen.

    7. Alternate periods of work with quick breaks.

    8. Make a "stop-doing" list.

    9. And then start blocking your time.

    10. But don't schedule every minute of your day.

    11. If you can't block your time, do something to "reboot" your brain before you start a new task.

    12. Give your boss a heads-up before you make any big changes to the way you work.

    13. And obviously make room in your schedule (and your mind) for exceptions.

    14. Have a solid pre-work routine that lets you start each day feeling productive AF.

    15. Stop trying every new productivity app or system that works for everyone else. Create a plan that works for you.

    16. And experiment with just one tweak at a time.

    Now go take over the world!