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    15 Tips For Surviving Bikini Season Intact

    Rev up for summer, hold the self-loathing!

    Having a really complicated relationship to one's body and the idea of "body image" is, for me, a year-round pastime. But right before "bathing-suit season," the Diet Industrial Complex really hits its stride in terms of making me feel self-conscious about my body and how it's failing to live up to any number of standards.

    That is why it seems like a good time to re-up my commitment to ignoring all that garbage while also not punishing myself for sometimes not being able to ignore that garbage. Here are some tips I recommend (and will try to follow) for surviving the time of year when it's somehow even more OK than usual to tell people how they should look (and how they should feel about how they look).

    1. Rethink your ~relationship~ to certain health, beauty, and celeb magazines. YOU KNOW THE ONES.

    2. Just say no to get-fit-quick plans.

    3. Unfollow fitspo that actually makes you feel worse.

    4. Stop talking about food/eating as good or bad, an indulgence, or a guilty pleasure.

    5. Follow social media accounts that are really, truly, legitimately about body diversity and fat acceptance.

    6. Get some stuff you're totally excited to wear.

    7. And get rid of stuff you're keeping around till you can wear it again (when "again" is a pretend time somewhere in a future that doesn't actually exist).

    8. Eliminate elimination diets.

    9. And don't do a juice cleanse or detox.

    10. #NoExcuses and #NoDaysOff are better as hashtags than they are as actual approaches to fitness.

    11. If you're ever choosing between a workout and sleep, choose sleep.

    12. Shut down (or politely ignore) conversations about who ate what.

    13. Also, enough with saying terrible things about your own body.

    14. Related: Say buh-bye to people who comment on bodies.

    15. Reject every single body-related rule or norm that doesn't enhance your life and mental health. Then make up your own.