18 Quick Workouts That'll Help You Exercise Pretty Much Anywhere

    So you can squeeze in some exercise even when you're short on time/space/patience etc.

    1. For when the hotel gym is just a sad elliptical and a pair of sweaty dumbbells:

    2. When you need a quick, quiet workout that won't disturb your travel buddies:

    3. For when you need to vent your travel rage:

    4. For when you seriously need to move your legs after hours of travel:

    5. For when you don't even have 10 minutes to spare:

    6. For when you have zero space:

    7. For when you don't have time for strength and cardio:

    Tribe Sports / Via tribesports.tumblr.com

    Just turn your half-hour run into a strength-and-cardio sesh. From Tribe Sports.

    8. For when you're too travel-weary to go hard:

    9. For when you want to make your tourist-y meandering a bit more challenging:

    10. For when you don't have access to a gym and have to make your own:

    11. And for when you want to take your workout to a local park:

    12. For when you want game day to be just a bit more active:

    13. For when you want a quick, challenging run:

    14. For a lower-body workout that'll make your legs shake:

    15. For a butt workout with equipment you can pack in your carry-on:

    16. For when you're stuck indoors and want an awesome bodyweight workout:

    17. For a quiet, no-impact workout that'll still kick your butt:

    18. And for when traveling has taken its toll: