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17 Secrets People Who Get Migraines Will Never Tell You

We're kind of obsessed with how much our brains hurt tbh.

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So, migraines are more than just really freaking bad headaches.

Migraine is actually a genetic disorder (here's BuzzFeed Health's previous reporting on what's happening in your brain during a migraine) that encompasses a whole mess of neurological symptoms. Other than the debilitating pain of the migraine headache itself, migraines bring other awful stuff like auras (seeing flashing lights or spots in your vision), nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, and a post-migraine hangover that makes you feel fatigued, unable to concentrate, and, well, sad.

But since it's not always apparent to others just how bad it feels to get migraines or exist in fear of getting them, here are just a few of our secrets.

1. Unfamiliar food situations (potlucks, parties, new restaurants) are terrifying because we could accidentally eat something that could trigger a migraine.

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A few bites of something that you didn't realize contains a trigger (like caffeine, aspartame, olives, dried fruit, wine, processed meat, various kinds of cheese, chocolate....) can mean The Beginning Of The End.

2. Lots of us basically live in fear of our periods.

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Because for many of us hormones fluctuations mean migraine's a-comin'.

Period migraine: The painful icing on the misery cake that is cramps, bloating, and bleeding.

3. We're basically amateur meteorologists because certain weather changes trigger migraines.

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We don't know what barometric pressure actually is, but we know that when it's about to change, it's time to mainline some meds.


6. We've workshopped a million different ways of describing migraines in an effort to make people understand how bad it really is. / Via

OK it's like being stabbed with an ice pick from inside your head. No wait it's like a thousand tiny hammers banging rhythmically on your skull no wait OK imagine what it would feel like to be run over by a zamboni...


10. And talking migraines with other people who get them is our bonding activity of choice.

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Comparing auras, migraine hangovers, and medicine side effects will make you MFF (migraine friends forever).