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There's Already A Rival Men's Romper For The Summer

Romp your way to a look that seamlessly blends your active life and trendsetting style.

You know about the RompHim; the romper for men that the internet can't stop talking and tweeting about.

Meet the ReeRomp, the athleisure romper by Reebok, made for the active man.

The $89 ReeRomp claims to combine the benefits of "active life and effortless style."

It promises a tailored silhouette along with a comfortable fit. It's made from Reebok's ACTIVCHILL material, a performance fabric with "enhanced breathability."

Reebok even has some ideas for where you'd wear the ReeRomp:

• running errands

• during peak festival season

• lounging by the resort pool

The thing is, Reebok has trolled us all before, with a $425 "pre-sweated" t-shirt with sweat stains that don't wash out.

Good. Because athleisure enthusiasts can't take another apparel hoax.