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13 Awesome Tattoos With A Secret Behind Them

Ink that tells a story.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us the tattoos they got to cover up scars.

Check out the awesome photos they shared below.

And if you want to see the tattoos people got to reclaim self-harm scars, check those out here.

1. This bluebird adorning a scar from multiple surgeries.

2. This abstract sleeve to cover burns.

3. This feather to cover scars from an abusive ex while honoring a loved one.

4. A single word to show off a scar from spinal reconstruction.

5. The symbol for ovarian cancer after having a mass removed.

6. A fierce cupcake to cover scars from cancer treatment.

7. This straight spine to celebrate recovery from a scoliosis surgery.

8. This starry profile.

9. This heart that's one of a set.

10. This medic's tattoo.

11. This anchor covering a scar from a bone marrow transplant.

12. This colorful anchor with a bright red flower.

13. This red ribbon after having a bone tumor removed.

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