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18 Posts For When You're Trying To Eat Healthier

Everything you've ever wanted to know about nutrition, but, like, simply explained.

It's not tough to find tips for eating healthier.

1. For when you're wondering what the deal is with carbs.

2. For when you want to know once and for all — is fat good or bad for you?

3. For when you want to know how much protein you should actually be eating.

4. For when you want help choosing healthier processed snacks.

5. And for when you just want some specific examples of healthier packaged snacks to buy.

6. For when you're over elimination diets but are willing to make one simple change.

7. When you want ideas for breakfast that will legit fill you up.

8. And for when you want fresh and delicious snack ideas.

9. When you need some quick and dirty, highly visual tips for healthier eating.

10. And for when you're trying to cook more but literally have no idea how to start.

11. When you're ready for weight-loss tips that aren't "stop eating stuff you love."

12. For when it's time to maybe think about cutting down your sugar intake.

13. For when you want to know if you really have to eat breakfast.

14. For when you want to adopt some habits that will help you become a healthyish eater.

15. For when you want to cut calories but don't want to feel deprived and terrible.

16. For when your post-workout hunger is destroying your will to live.

17. For when you want to get as many vitamins and nutrients as possible from your diet.

18. For when you're in college (or just broke and busy), and need some strategies for healthier eating.