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    8 Plank Variations That Will Make Your Abs Scream

    Not your granddaddy's planks.

    Core strength is awesome but a zillion crunches are not.

    So, BuzzFeed Health rounded up eight plank variations that will give your abs a helluva workout.

    These plank variations are awesome for anyone. But they were specifically selected by running coach Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running, because core strength is so damn important for runners, both for minimizing injury and maintaining good running form.

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    To add some core-burn to your regular workout, pick any three of these plank variations and do all three, resting for a minute between each one.

    For general instructions for performing planks properly, scroll to the end of the post!

    1. Forearm plank

    2. Plank with side arm raise

    3. Plank with front arm raise

    4. Forearm plank to push-up

    5. Spiderman plank

    6. Alternating leg lift forearm plank

    7. Plank with shoulder taps

    8. Side plank

    And here are a few more tips for proper plank-ing:


    • Keep your hands / elbows stacked directly under your shoulders.

    • Keep your feet about hip-width apart, or, for better stability, wider.

    • Engage your glutes and abs as you do each movement.

    - Maintain a neutral neck and straight back; your body should be in a straight line from the top of your head to your heels.


    • Let your back arch.

    • Let your hips sag or pike up.

    • Round your upper back.

    Thanks to Katie Dubrovenskaya of New York Health and Racquet Club for directing the shoot and to Shannon Rosenberg for modeling.

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