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16 Skills All Hardcore Criers Have Mastered

Like knowing exactly how to pretend everything's just fine.

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1. Smoothly pulling out your phone to make it seem like you just got really bad news.

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2. Masterfully x-ing out of browser tabs just in time to avoid something super moving.

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Get outta there right before the pit bull cuddles the kitten.

3. Calmly talking yourself down/out of an incoming cry.

4. Convincingly explaining "I have allergies" or "I have something in my eye."

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5. Basically being clairvoyant about what exactly will set you off.

6. Not even being remotely embarrassed about why you're sobbing.

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7. Magically finding a private place to cry no matter where you are.

8. Expertly improvising good hiding places.

9. Articulately expressing yourself in emoji.

Sally Tamarkin / BuzzFeed

10. Perfectly timing uproarious laughter to cover up happy tears.

11. Deftly transforming what would otherwise be an all-out sobfest into a quiet shedding of a single tear because you're in public.

12. Skillfully hiding your face when unable to control yourself.

13. Knowing each and every mascara that can legit handle your waterworks.

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14. Sneakily evading others criers since crying is obviously contagious.

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15. Having a sixth sense for which friends won't make a big deal out of your frequent crying.

16. And surrounding yourself with people who find it endearing.

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