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    9 Extremely Good Reasons Women Should Start Lifting Weights Yesterday

    Feel like boss and look muscular only if you want to.

    First things first: Muscles are badass and beautiful and there is no reason anyone should be ashamed of them.

    1. The thing about lifting weights as a woman is that you probably won't get big, bulging muscles (unless you work really hard to do so).

    2. Generally speaking, the average woman's hormone levels don't enable muscle growth the way men's do.

    3. Also, getting swole requires some pretty specific strength training protocols.

    4. And you typically have to eat a lot.

    5. But, OK, everyone is different. Some women are "easy gainers."

    6. If you want to get stronger without looking super muscular, all you have to do is adjust the way you strength train.

    7. You can also train around the muscles that tend to get big.

    8. If you still aren't convinced that strength training is for you, know that having muscle is actually really good for you.

    9. Plus, exercising to gain muscle can help you lose fat and ~contour~ your bod.

    In conclusion, happy lifting!