Here's Why You're Working Out And Not Seeing Results

    And how to fix 'em!

    It can be tough to tell if you're exercising the "right" way.

    If you don't work with a trainer, how are you supposed to know if, say, your form is spot on, or whether your workout routine matches your goals, or whether that exercise you do 100 reps of every day is really doing anything.

    So, BuzzFeed Health reached out to fitness experts with all kinds of backgrounds and specialties to ask them for the most common mistakes people make with their exercise routines. Here's what they told us:

    1. Relying solely on cardio for weight loss.

    2. Not pushing yourself enough and/or going way too hard.

    3. And doing tons of high-intensity workouts before your body is ready.

    4. Lifting weights really fast.

    5. Not eating enough fat.

    6. Changing up your workout constantly.

    7. Overestimating the number of calories you're burning.

    8. Doing push-ups with sketchy form.

    9. Working out on an empty stomach.

    10. Following quick-fix diets or using "miracle" supplements.

    11. Doing the exact same workout over and over.

    12. Avoiding yoga because you think you're not flexible enough.

    13. Or trying to get flexible using static stretching.

    14. Swinging the kettlebell all wrong.

    15. Relying on lots of reps of light weights when your goal is to get stronger and change your body composition.

    16. Doing countless crunches to get rid of belly fat.