10 Ways Exercise Makes Your Sex Life Better (According To Science)

    Here's what getting fit has to do with getting busy.

    1. Exercise gets your blood flowing. (Everywhere.)

    2. It can also help with ~genital arousal~ in other ways.

    3. It helps you relax.

    4. It can enhance sexual satisfaction by helping improve body image.

    5. In fact, it can make you think you're hot AF and especially skilled in the bedroom.

    6. Post-workout euphoria can really get you going.

    7. It balances the hormones that power your sex drive.

    8. Certain workouts can strengthen the muscles that make orgasms robust.

    9. It's a mood-boosting anti-depressant.

    10. It improves stamina, endurance, and strength which means being able to have sex longer and in a variety of positions.

    Sure, it's great to get in shape so you don't get winded climbing stairs or carrying groceries. But let's not forget the health benefits of exercise that allow you to have have sex that's more athletic, or that lasts longer. "Sex is a physical activity. Therefore, when you have good conditioning, it translates to more endurance in the bedroom," Castellanos says.

    Castellanos adds that resistance training is doubly awesome for sexual satisfaction. It protects against problems with back pain while increasing strength so that you can maintain different sexual positions and experiment with more variety in the bedroom. "It opens up your world," she says.

    "Sexual activity is an entire body experience and so it is important to keep muscles, blood vessels, and nerves performing at peak levels," Penhollow says in an email. "Participating in any form of exercise that increases heart rate, breathing, and muscle activity can ... enhance overall sexual satisfaction."

    What are you waiting for? Go and get swole!

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