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    Here's How To Actually Lose The "Trump 10" If That's A Thing You're Dealing With

    When you build a workout around the terrifying moments of everyday life, you get fit fast AF.

    Did your life start getting more stressful in the early morning hours of Nov. 9, 2016?

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    And do you, like many of us, treat your anxiety with the medical treatment known as stress eating?

    You are not alone.

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    Look, there's NO SHAME in availing yourself of the medicinal properties of takeout. But it turns out that stress eating doesn't usually provide anything more lasting than a fleeting comfort. And, depending on your health and fitness goals, it could start to cause its own stress.

    That's why BuzzFeed Health rounded up some alternative ways to burn off that stress when you feel yourself vibrating with anxiety, fear, and worry.

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    2. Do 20 squats a day until all the empty offices in the current administration are filled.

    3. Every time you hear the word "Russia," do 30 jumping jacks.

    4. For every time Trump tweets between midnight and 5 a.m., run in place for 60 seconds.

    5. For each additional day that the contents of the health care bill remain secret, do 10 lunges.

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    7. Every time you seriously consider putting together a go bag and building a panic room/bunker/etc., do one minute of bicycle kicks.

    8. Each time the president says (or tweets) "win," "winning," or "loser," do 5 jump squats.

    9. Any time the travel ban is mentioned, do 20 crunches.

    10. Any time an official comes up with an alternative way to describe the travel ban, do 15 sit-ups.

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    12. Every time you mute push alerts because they're stressing you out, or turn them back on because you're afraid you're missing something, do 60 seconds of walking lunges.

    13. Every time you come across an old quote from an elected official in which they've said they're against something they're actually now doing, do 15 glute bridges.

    14. Every time a court upholds the block on the travel ban, do 30 seconds of high knees.

    15. Every time you Google "how to emigrate to Canada," do 15 side lunges.

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    17. Every time a member of the administration criticizes a celebrity (on Twitter, IRL, etc.), hold a plank for 30 seconds.

    18. Every time a member of the administration criticizes an elected or appointed official (on Twitter, IRL, etc.), hold a plank for 45 seconds.

    19. Every time a White House strategist refers to a spokesperson for the administration as too "fat" to perform an essential task, do 10 tuck jumps.

    20. Every time you send or receive a text that says some variation of "Can you fucking believe this?" do 20 step-ups.

    Look, this is meant to be funny. Weight loss typically requires dietary changes as well as exercise. BUT if you actually want to work some of the above into your workout routine, go for it! But remember to consult a doctor before changing up your fitness routine. Also, only go as hard and fast as you're really able to — workout injuries are not alternative facts.