3 Insanely Awesome Fat-Burning Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

    These legendary CrossFit workouts work your whole body like never before. Learn how to conquer each one.

    These classic CrossFit workouts are intense and super effective. And they'll challenge your mental toughness, too.

    Though they're intended for experienced exercisers, we've provided a beginner-friendly option for each one, as well as tips on how to do them from CrossFit pros. And, yes, these workouts have women's names (you can read more about that here if you're curious).

    Workout 1: Barbara

    Workout 2: Chelsea

    Workout 3: Angie

    Here's how to do a push-up:

    Here's how to do a squat:

    Here's how to do a sit-up:

    Here's how to do a pull-up:

    If you don't have access to a pull-up bar or assisted pull-up machine, do rows on a doorway like this:

    A few important notes:

    • Be sure to warm up before you jump into the workout; spend a few minutes getting your heart rate up and your muscles feeling loose before you really start pushing yourself. After you workout, cool down with these stretches.

    • Remember that good form is crucial for results and also not getting hurt. So, when you feel yourself getting too tired to execute each rep perfectly, be sure to rest — 15 to 30 seconds between movements or in the middle of a set for up to 10 seconds.

    • In addition to high-intensity workouts like this one, the key to losing fat is a lower-carb diet. More on that here.

    Thanks to Jeff and Mikki Martin of CrossFit BrandX for the beginner-friendly versions of these workouts, and to Will Lanier, CrossFit coach and general manager of Brick New York for the workout tips and strategy. And thank you to Albert Matheny of Naked Nutrition and Soho Strength Lab for consulting on this post and Dariusz Stankiewicz for demonstrating a pull-up. Thanks also to Josh Martinez for demonstrating a push-up.

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