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22 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You To Get Fit In 2015

These are the people, places, and scenes that will inspire you to move. Including, but not limited to: adaptive athletes, free solo rock climbers, martial artists, and, of course, Spiderman.

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1. Krystal Cantu

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @krystalcantu

After a car accident that resulted in the amputation of her right arm, Krystal Cantu became an adaptive athlete. She posts pictures of her CrossFit training, including weightlifting, rowing, and more.

2. My Name is Jessamyn

Instagram: @mynameisjessamyn / Via instagram.com

Jessamyn is a self-proclaimed "yoga enthusiast & fat femme" whose yoga pics and videos are accompanied by her commentary on her own progress and process.

3. Jumpstagram

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @jumpstagram_official

People catching air all over the world, snapped mid-jump.

5. FitFluential

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @fitfluential

Healthy living–themed quotes (both motivational and goofy) and food- and fitness-themed pics (smoothies, pancakes, dogs in yoga poses... You know, the usual).

6. Elisabeth Akinwale

Instagram: @eakinwale / Via instagram.com

Akinwale is an elite CrossFit athlete who documents her training, from weightlifting and gymnastics to assorted feats of strength and agility.

7. Alex Honnold

Instagram: @alexhonnold / Via instagram.com

Alex Honnold is a rock climber who ascends "dizzyingly tall" cliffs and mountains without ropes, harnesses, or protective gear. Gulp.

8. Shauna Harrison

Instagram: @shauna_harrison / Via instagram.com

Photos of all kinds of movement including yoga, weightlifting, and bodyweight exercises. Plus, she posts daily workout challenges.

9. American Parkour

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @americanparkour

People running, jumping, climbing, and balancing on everything.

10. Bandana Training

Instagram: @bandanatraining / Via instagram.com

Personal trainer Rob Sulaver is incredibly serious about having fun while working out.

11. Picky Bars

Instagram: @pickybars / Via instagram.com

Assorted photos of people doing adventurous things in beautiful places.

12. CrossFit

Instagram: @crossfit / Via instagram.com

Action shots of all kinds of CrossFitters, from the exerciser next door to the elite athlete.

13. BJJ Pix

Instagram: @bjjpix / Via instagram.com

A pro photographer's shots of Brazilian jiujitsu matches, frame by incredible frame.

14. REI

Instagram: @rei / Via instagram.com

Gorgeous photos of all-weather nature adventures.

15. Misty On Pointe

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @mistyonpointe

Ballerina Misty Copeland is graceful and powerful and these photos prove it.

16. Kristan Clever

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @cleverhandz

Photos of longtime CrossFit competitor Kristan Clever training hard and having fun doing it.

18. Nike

Instagram: @nike / Via instagram.com

Stunning photos of people being athletic all over the world.

19. Top Triathletes

Instagram: @top_triathletes / Via instagram.com

Motivational phrases + awesome pics of running, swimming, and cycling = multisport inspiration

20. Patagonia

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @http://instagram.com/patagonia/?modal=true

Beautiful photos of people being active and athletic in the natural world.

21. Yogo Girls

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @http://instagram.com/yogogirls/?modal=true

Gravity-defying yogis posing everywhere (apartments, studios, beaches, mountaintops...) and balancing on everything (bikes, cars, furniture, windowsills...).

22. T-Stunning Spidey

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @http://instagram.com/tstunningspidey/?modal=true

What, you've never heard of a cosplayer who dresses up like Spiderman and break-dances?

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