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Here's Why Getting In Shape and Joining OKCupid Are Basically The Same Thing


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Yes, you know it will be good for you.

No, that's not enough to motivate you.

But that's where your friends come in...

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With tips and advice from their own lives.

"Seriously, though, juicing will change your life!"
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"Seriously, though, juicing will change your life!"

And that never gets old.

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Tell me again about your yoga practice?

Still, nothing seems to inspire any get-up-and-go.

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But stay-down-and-don't-move? You've got that covered.

And really — why change things up when your lifestyle is already crushing it?

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And if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

So, you keep an eye out for any excuse to bail.

Bad weather, misplaced keys, ominous planetary shifts and disadvantageous moon phases — these all count.

After all, the whole endeavor could take a looong time. / Via

Like, a super long time.

And what if, in the end, you haven't accomplished your goal?

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Life is meaningless, amirite?

Then again, if you don't do it, you're pretty sure you'll be alone forever.

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"Here lies someone who was pretty stubborn but did beat more than 1,000 levels of Candy Crush so. RIP." -your tombstone

On the other hand, if you do do it, and you don't get results, you'll regret everything.

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What's the shortcut for "undo" but IRL?

But it's not like it's something you can just jump into.

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For example, you can't get started without getting the stuff you need.

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You've heard that having the proper liquid on hand is crucial.

And of course the right outfit is essential.

But you'll definitely get to it.

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Eventually. Probably definitely.

Yeah, totally.

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For sure.

For now, though? It probably makes the most sense to postpone until further notice.

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