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25 Crazy Clever Hacks That Actually Make Running Awesome

Your feet, boobs, hips, knees, nipples, and motivation will thank you. And that's just for starters.

1. Stop stretching before you run.

2. Eliminate, like, a million sneaker/fit problems by learning different ways to tie your sneakers.

3. Take lots of brisk walking breaks.

4. Do shorter running workouts.

5. Turn your run into an immersive adventure game.

6. Ease into adding mileage with a Couch to 5K app.

7. Make a running mix with songs that have more than 120 beats per minute (BPM).

8. Or use an app like Songza that will curate perfect running playlists.

9. Break up your run with bodyweight exercises.

10. Make sure you have the right sneakers.

11. Get temporary tattoos to keep your attitude positive and your motivation strong.

12. Invest in a fashion-forward and functional headband.

13. Keep those sweaty earbuds in place with DIY ear wraps.

14. Follow #RunChat and #SeenOnMyRun to get inspired.

15. Make your pre- and post-run snacks into delicious rituals.

16. Get cheaper running clothes by buying them at the end of each season.

17. Get wool socks.

The right socks can mean fewer blisters, less irritation, drier feet, just the right amount of support, and basically just a ton of comfort. Wool absorbs moisture better than cotton, can continue to insulate even when wet (wet cotton = super-cold feet), and dries quickly.

Shop at a sporting goods store for a good selection of moisture-wicking socks made from wool for all temperatures and thickness preferences and use a good guide so you know what you're looking for.

18. Understand what's happening boobwise when you run.

19. Seriously, enough with chafed nips and thighs.

20. Vanquish shin splints in less than 10 minutes.

21. Trick yourself into going for a run by simply putting on your workout gear and heading out for a brisk walk.

22. Use longer runs as opportunities to get lost in an audiobook or catch up on podcasts.

23. Use an app to track how many miles you've put on your sneakers.

24. Free up your hands and pockets by tying your key into your shoelaces.

25. Register for a fun race.

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