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21 Ridiculous Situations Anyone Who Gets Drunk Really Easily Will Recognize

Who's ready for another round?

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1. When you're three drinks in and your friends ask "You good?"

8. When you go to happy hour on a weeknight...

9. And realize that you do "a drink or two" differently:

10. When it's not rare that you're vulnerable to pranks:

12. When it's the second round and you're trying to pretend you're still sober:

13. When your friends realize that boozy brunch isn't really your thing:

15. When a night out requires calculations:

16. When there's punch which is basically Russian roulette of alcohol content:

17. When you think you've finally increased your tolerance:

20. When you find a bartender who's willing to make you virgin cocktail that's awesome:

The GIF in #14 has been replaced.