11 Ways To Actually Become A Person Who Works Out

    For real this time.

    1. Peg exercising to a weekly goal, not some faraway outcome.

    2. Don't make your fitness routine all about weight loss.

    3. In fact, you should probably think of working out as something you do for stress relief, increased energy, and better self-esteem.

    4. Acknowledge all the mental hurdles that will probably get in the way.

    5. Allow yourself to have rest weeks. Yes, weeks.

    6. Get to know your inner critic so you can learn when to tell it to STFU.

    7. Don't worry about being good at a thing, worry about having fun with it.

    8. Straight up just don't allow yourself to watch your favorite show unless you're exercising.

    9. Make sure your ~lifestyle~ is aligned with your fitness goals.

    10. And, yeah, if you're looking for real body changes, a diet that supports your fitness routine will make that a lot easier.

    11. Take tons of notes on your progress.