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    21 Coffee Hacks To Step Your Game Up Immensely

    No one deserves less-than-stellar coffee.

    1. Stop storing your beans in the freezer.

    2. Make your own flavored syrups.

    3. Or add some cinnamon to your coffee grounds.

    4. Reduce bitterness with a pinch of salt.

    5. Make some smooth and delicious cold brew for drinking iced or hot.

    6. Skip the store-bought stuff and make your own flavored creamer.

    7. Or, if you're more of a non-dairy drinker, try your own vanilla cashew milk.

    8. Make ice cubes out of coffee instead of water.

    9. You can also freeze cubes of milk and a bit of sweetener.

    10. Make a timer out of two cups so you can track how long a pot has been sitting there.

    11. Add warm, frothy milk to your coffee by shaking it up in a mason jar before microwaving it.

    12. Blend butter and/or coconut oil into your coffee.

    13. Get a really good travel mug.

    14. Scrub the inside of your coffee mugs with baking soda.

    15. And generally just keep your coffee-making stuff clean.

    16. Reheat your coffee over low heat on the stove.

    17. But actually let your coffee cool off for a bit before you drink it.

    18. Rinse your mug with warm water before pouring.

    19. Pair your coffee with a quick nap.

    20. Choose just one part of your home brewing process to improve.

    21. And, finally, collect mugs that make you feel something every time you reach for them.