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    22 Non-Nerdy Gifts For The Coolest Runner You Know

    For the runner who already has all the tiny shorts.

    1. This ugly Christmas sweater that's actually a lightweight microfiber shirt for running:

    2. This honest t-shirt:

    3. And this phone case with a plan:

    4. A pair of epically comfy recovery flip flops.

    5. This underwear that coordinates with your running workout for the day:

    From $50. Get them here and here.

    6. A set of coasters made from a race bib:

    7. Aromatic muscle rub for achy legs and feet.

    8. Really cool moisture-wicking running socks.

    From $15. Get them here.

    9. A non-fannypack way to carry essentials while running:

    $29. Get it here.

    10. A spacious tote with room for sneakers and a compartment for sweaty clothes:

    11. A stylish fleece hoodie that says "I can do sprints or have a leisurely Saturday."

    12. And these cozy (and descriptive) sweats.

    13. A not super nerdy breathable, moisture-wicking cap:

    14. This coffee that's worthy of a marathon finisher:

    15. And this shirt to go with the brew:

    16. This cookbook full of quick and delicious meals for runners:

    17. These glasses that tell you just how much to celebrate for every race distance:

    18. This pillow that tells it like it is:

    19. This kit that's all things TLC for your feet:

    20. These fun arm warmers for coldish days:

    $20. Get a pair here.

    21. A gift pack of bars that are totally delish and perfect for pre- and post-run fuel:

    From $22. Get them here.

    22. And these temporary tattoos that are fun and encouraging:

    $5. Get them here.