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The Only 12 Exercises You Need To Get In Shape

Learn these moves and you'll never need to pay for a gym membership again.

You can work out pretty much anywhere using bodyweight exercise moves.

After you've mastered the below moves, learn how to combine them into full 20- or 30-minute workouts here.

1. Pushup

2. Plank

3. Glute Bridge

4. Spider Lunge

5. Plank Tap

6. Squat

7. Side Lunge

8. Squat Jump

9. Jumping Lunge

10. Single-Leg Deadlift

11. Reverse Lunge

12. Walkout

To turn these moves into a full workout, follow one of these guides.

Or you can learn how to mix and match the moves to make your own DIY bodyweight workout. Here's how, with some examples below:

Choose exercises that won't have you using the same muscle groups one after the other. For example, if you choose two movements that mostly tax the upper body (like a plank and pushups) and two that mostly challenge the lower body (say squat jumps and lunges), you'd want to alternate the upper- and lower-body moves: plank, squat jumps, pushups, lunges. Use one of these three formats created by Matheny (and see examples for each one below). Remember, each movement must be performed properly and with full range of motion.

Format A.

Format B.

Format C.

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