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13 Pieces Of Fitspo That Will Neither Enrage Nor Shame You

Because exercise as punishment is kind of a bummer.

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Most of the time fitspiration isn't actually that inspiring. / Via

Maybe that's because a lot of it features super slim and muscular bodies or a "go-hard-or-go-home" type attitude, or hints that food is only to be earned or burned. The thing is, not everyone finds that motivating.

But what if there was fitspo that didn't try to convince you to exercise by making you feel bad about yourself when you don't work out (or better than other people when you do)?

AMC / Via Sally Tamarkin / BuzzFeed

That's why we designed movespiration. It's shame-free motivation for anyone who wants a little extra reminder about how much they actually like being outside or working up a sweat or the feeling they have after a workout.