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    18 Charts For Better, Healthier Snacking

    Step up your snack game with some quick 'n' easy recipes and ideas.

    Grace Hitchcock / Russell van Kraayenburg / / Jenny Chang

    1. For when you want to make your own delicious hummus.

    Shape / Via

    Chickpeas plus four ingredients of your choice makes a mean dip.

    2. For building the perfect meat-and-cheese board.

    Sometimes snacking can be Cheetos-dust-free.

    3. For when you want to give your sweet tooth a healthy-ish fix.

    Fruit dipped in healthier cake batter? Why, yes, please.

    4. For knowing which apples are made for snacking.

    Because honestly there's nothing worse than biting into a mediocre apple that's meant for a pie.

    5. For when you can't bear to live in a world of boring trail mx.

    Courtesy of Food Network / Via

    So. Many. Tasty. Filling. Combos.

    6. For when you just need a little something to tide you over.

    7. And for when you want a snack that's small but tasty AF.

    A bit of dark chocolate should always be in snack rotation.

    8. For pairing healthy snacks with your Netflix bingeing.

    Not even sure why you'd ever eat plain popcorn again tbh.

    9. For a granola bar that's superior in flavor and nutritiousness to store-bought kinds.


    And it only takes a half hour to make.

    10. For making cream cheese entirely more exciting.

    There's basically a spread for every palate.

    11. For when you want a healthy DIY summer treat. / Via as well

    There are just five easy steps between you and a refreshing ice pop.

    12. For mastering the perfect sweet potato fries.

    Kelly Colchin / Via

    They're such a crowd-pleaser and so simple to make.

    13. For that four-ingredient energy bar you've been meaning to assemble.

    Customize a batch of bars that make great on-the-go snacks.

    14. For when you want to snack on delicious, nutritious nuts, but don't want to go overboard calorie-wise.

    The struggle.

    15. For making sure you get your fruit.

    Photos by Grace Hitchcock for PopSugar / Via

    The American Heart Association recommends four to five servings of fruit per day, so get on that.

    16. And speaking of fruit, for knowing when your favorites are at peak deliciousness.

    Russell van Kraayenburg for Chasing Delicious / Via

    Winter berries: not the best. Winter pineapple: yes, please.

    17. For when you're ready to take your nut-butter love to the next, next level.

    I'm sorry but OATMEAL COOKIE BUTTER?? YES.

    18. For when you need something to stop that endless post-cardio hunger.

    Jenny Chang / Via

    And if you need ideas for post-weight-lifting and post-HIIT workouts, there's more here.

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