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19 Ways To Eat Less Added Sugar Without Even Trying

Crazy easy swaps, hacks, and make-ahead recipes.

There is a way to eat less sugar without hating life.

And just real quick, in this article we're talking about added sugars.

1. Eat cereal that isn't a bowl of sugar but also doesn't taste like sticks.

True story: Some cereals are more than 50% sugar (like Honey Smacks, which have 15 grams of sugar per 3/4 cup).

But there are other cereals that have far less sugar but enough to make them damn tasty, like Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Toasted Oat Cereal and Puffins Original, both of which have five grams of sugar per 3/4 cup.

Here's a complete list of cereals and their sugar content.

2. Use a lower-sugar pancake mix.

3. Master this two-ingredient compote.

4. Then put it on your pancakes instead of syrup.

5. Also spread it on toast.

6. Make this easy sweetener out of dates to keep on hand for when you need a topping for baked goods, yogurt, oatmeal, etc.

7. And use that date paste + vanilla or almond extract + cinnamon to make a rich refined-sugar-free coffee creamer.

8. Instead of buying granola bars, make these super simple four-ingredients ones.

9. Make a batch of overnight oats for a no-sugar-added breakfast you can grab on the go.

10. Get plain yogurt to make your own parfaits and store them for your daily breakfast or snack.

Store-bought yogurt (especially if it's flavored and/or low-fat) has added sugar in the form of flavorings, a syrupy fruit mixture, or both. Some store-bought yogurts actually have more sugar than a Twinkie!

Make your own parfaits with fruit or fruit compote, portion into containers, and keep them around all week. When you're ready to eat them add nuts or ground flax for some crunch or nutty flavor.

11. If you drink non-dairy milk, get the unsweetened variety.

12. Follow this super-easy formula for homemade salad dressing.

13. Try breads that have less sugar and maybe even more taste.

14. Or use wheat tortillas in place of bread.

15. Make and freeze a bunch of homemade marinara sauce.

16. Swap dates for sugar in tons of dessert recipes.

Like these chocolate truffles and chocolate peanut butter pudding for starters. Here are 17 different ways to make deliciously sweet stuff using dates.

17. Make surprisingly sweet and creamy ice cream with frozen bananas.

18. Eat dark chocolate instead of just any old candy bar.

19. DIY fresh fruit ice pops.