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31 Clever Health And Fitness Gifts That Are Actually Useful

What to get for the exerciser who has everything.

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3. All Of The Dumbbells

You want your bod to get swole, not your household clutter. That's where this fully adjustable dumbbell system comes in, offering a ton of variety (from three to 24 pounds in three-pound increments) without taking up a ton of room. ($149)

5. GPS Watch With An Emergency Alert System

The Bia does all the usual GPS watch stuff like measure pace and distance and sync with fitness apps. But it's designed to be less bulky and easier to use than most of its competitors. It also has a safety feature that allows the wearer to share their location throughout their run and alert emergency contacts when they're lost or in danger. ($279)

7. Self-Massage Tool For Those Hard-To-Reach Aches

When your regular sports masseuse is unavailable or, um, a fictitious character from your daydreams, treat post-workout stiffness and knots with a self-massager designed to get everywhere. Your neck, your back... ($32.95)

8. Stylish Activity Tracker

The Misfit Shine can be worn as a watch, pendant, or necklace and allows users to track steps and fitness activities (walking, running, cycling, swimming, tennis, etc.), monitor their sleep, set daily goals, and keep a photo food journal. Quantify yourself (fashionably)! ($79)

10. Carrier That Makes Toting a Yoga Mat Not Awkward

It's time to get off the emotional roller coaster of trying to find a way to conveniently carry a yoga mat or stuff it into your backpack. This lightweight carrier is where it's at. ($9.58)

12. Crazy Durable Water Bottle That Tracks Your Hydration

Let this bad boy fly off the treadmill or get knocked around in the weight room because it's super durable. A built-in meter tracks water consumption and the lid flips open with a push of a button, so one-handed, mid-workout sipping isn't just possible, it's probable. ($13.53)

17. The Running Tracker That's Also A Media Player, Coach, and Workout Buddy

The Adidas Smart Run miCoach does the work of a few different devices. It allows the wearer to: access training plans created by elite coaches, track all run-related data, listen to music, and enjoy the comfort of a strapless heart-rate monitor, all in a single wrist-worn device. ($353.47)

18. Moisture-Wicking Drawers

There's nothing more unmentionable than underwear that gets damp, clammy, and bunched up during hard workouts. These breathable undies are designed to stay driest and odorless-est where you sweat most. ($13/pair)

19. Tiny Multipurpose Gadget For All Your Keys

This keychain alternative houses every single key in your life in an ultra lightweight, jingle-free, compact design tiny enough to keep in the smallest of pockets while working out. (Starts at $29)

21. So-Much-More-Than-A-Gym-Tote Gym Tote

No need to carry bags on bags on bags on bags to carry sneakers, gym essentials, jewelry, and other stuff. This tote has a separate compartments for sneakers, a sleeve for a yoga mat or a jacket, an umbrella pocket, and lots of compartments and pockets for assorted accessories. ($163)

23. Compact Warmers For Toasty Hands, Feet, and Body

Disposable hand, foot, and body warmers generate hours of heat to keep you comfortable during walks, runs, hikes, and bike rides in the bitter cold. (Overnighter Kit for 2: $7)

27. Monthly Subscription To A Box of Surprise Assorted Goodies

Each month Bulu Box sends samples of of health- and wellness-related products like healthy snacks, gym gift cards, and workouts. Recipients try samples to decide what they want buy. ($10/box)

30. Towel That's As Grossed Out By Gym Germs As You Are

One side of this towel is labeled "gym," the other, "skin," ensuring that you'll never again blot your face with the same side of the towel that you used to wipe down the stationary bike after Sweaty Betty was done with her ride. ($25)