We Want To See Your Scar-Covering Tattoos

Show us the photos of your awesome, inspiring ink.

1. Tattoos are beautiful body art, period. But when they’re covering a scar, there’s an extra story there, or another layer of meaning.



2. Maybe you got something big and colorful to cover scars from self-harm.

Like this amazing lion is doing.

3. Or maybe you got a tattoo to cover scars from a mastectomy.

Monica Hendricks / Via buzzfeed.com

4. Or to cover the scars from another surgery.

5. Or maybe you had a mark from some kind of injury, and now there’s a tattoo there.

Creatas Images / Getty Images

6. Whether your tattoos are big or small, colorful or not, and no matter what kind of scars they cover up, we want to see them.

Rvdam / Getty Images

7. So upload a photo of your own via the DropBox below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post!

If you want to show us a photo of the scar before you got the tattoo, upload that, too! And don’t forget to tell us the details you want to share — the more info, the better!

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