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    11 Ways To Make Your Gym Workout Less Germ-Filled

    Gyms are filthy garbage cans. But they’re garbage cans that facilitate physical fitness. Learn how to use one without becoming patient zero.

    Between the aroma of human funk in the locker room and seeing people’s sweat prints all over mats and machines, it’s reasonable to assume that gyms are pretty hectic germ-wise.

    But if we follow a few easy, expert-approved tips, even the most germaphobic among us can enjoy fitness.

    1. Understand which germs are where.

    2. Find out what the gym's cleaning protocol is.

    Unlike our home bathrooms, which typically get heavy use in the morning and then have the whole day to dry out, gym locker rooms are highly trafficked throughout the day, which means that they're pretty much always damp — a germ's favorite place to be. To deal with this properly, gym locker rooms and bathrooms should be cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day. Reynolds recommends asking a manager to explain the gym's cleaning and disinfecting protocol.

    3. Wipe down surfaces with disinfectant wet wipes.

    4. Clean, cover, and protect any open skin.

    5. Wash your hands.

    6. Wash your body properly, too.

    7. And wash your gym clothes often.

    8. You know what, fuck it, if it comes into contact with the gym, wash it.

    9. BYO towel.

    10. Wear flip-flops in the locker room (and other footwear everywhere else).

    11. Your water bottle is gross; wash it now.